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Must have gadgets for the home

In Britain, we love our gadgets.

In Britain, we love our gadgets. With the new Bond film out, and Christmas just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about those ideal gadgets for the home. You never know, someone may just treat you to that new iPad you've been dreaming of this Christmas; but it's much better to treat yourself. Take a look at our must have gadgets and start planning your shopping list.

iPad Mini

Apple has steadily revolutionised the way we listen to music, communicate with each other, and well... just about everything else. Whilst an iPhone is cool, it's really all about the iPad, and now the iPad mini. Not only is it the ideal gadget for around the home, it's also perfect on the go. Besides, there are apps that can do literally anything. You'll never be off it. Those that have one will tell you, it's the gadget that will change your home entertainment forever.

Although home insurance should be something you already have, too many of us don't, and only consider it once we've bought a top of the range gadget like an iPad. If you haven't sorted it out yet, before you start loading up on technology, make sure you search for home insurance quotes available online and get yourself covered at home and on the go.

Memory foam pillow (with in-built speaker)

When you think of the ultimate gadgets for the home, you probably dream of a home cinema or flat screen TV that appears from the end of your bed; but it's not all for the super rich. Some gadgets may be cheaper, but that doesn't mean they don't serve a purpose. Take a memory foam pillow for example, which moulds your shape so you can rest your head in comfort. Throw in a speaker with a jack for your MP3 player and falling asleep has never seemed so good.

Downdraft extractor

Right, you know that bit about not all gadgets having to be expensive? It might be true, but some of the expensive ones are pretty cool too. Take a downdraft extractor for example. Fitted to some top of the range ovens, this cooker hood isn't seen until it's needed. As soon as smoke or steam is detected it rises up from the back of your oven and is truly a sight to behold.

Stick immersion blender

So, let's stay with the kitchen. After all, there's no other room in the home that has enjoyed the benefit of gadgets more than the kitchen. It might be a top of the range coffee maker, a one-touch tin opener, or a digital slow cooker. Our favourite though is the stick immersion blender. It's so simple, but yet so effective - the true mark of a quality gadget. Soups can be pureed in the pot, sauces can be done in the bowl; no longer is there the need to worry about transferring hot liquids. It's so simple.

So, when it comes to gadgets, expensive or cheap, it doesn't matter, just as long as you have to have it!