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Contemporary Living Room Looks for Less

Read on for three top contemporary looks this season.

If you're looking to find contemporary looks and inspiration for your living room in a way that won't break the bank then you need to read this article. Modern styles are becoming exceedingly popular for living room interiors, offering a refreshing, on-trend twist to your living space. In particular, if you've been indifferent to this contemporary style in the past, preferring a more traditional feel, the following inspiration might just sway your judgement: by mixing old and new styles, along with some classic contemporary looks that don't seem to go out of fashion; you can create your combination of contemporary that's tailored to you. So read on for three top contemporary looks this season:              

The Manhattan Apartment

A classic contemporary style that always seems popular is the ‘Manhattan Apartment' - this look comprises largely of monochrome designs; sharp black lines with crisp white finishes all arranged in contemporary geometric designs. Plush, eccentric accessories such as chandeliers, oversized mirrors and flat-screen TVs are all must have essentials. A traditional fireplace may not fit in with the uber-chic styling of the Manhattan look, so you should look at a more modern collection of electric fires to find one which suits the decor.

Mix old and new

If you're feeling like a bit of a ‘commitmentphobe' and don't want to settle on one look or another for your living space, then don't worry. It's perfectly natural to feel a little apprehensive about changing the interior style of your home - especially if you're making the transition from traditional to contemporary styles. Why not compromise and amalgamate the two looks? Expose original features such as beams and cornices. Brickwork is a great way to make a contemporary spin on a traditionally decorated living space. Keep a balance of old and new, so a vintage coffee table or storage will look great next to a modern fireplace, as will a neat pile of chopped firewood. If you're in need of inspiration you'll find a good range of contemporary fireplaces at

The Whitewash Look

Now, the whitewash look is rather similar to the mix and match look above, but with a distinctly coastal feel, so it's a great style to choose should you be thinking about redecorating a holiday home to give it a modern twist. Strip back your carpets and peel off your wall paper, and instead give the room a sophisticated and refreshing whitewash. Choose wrought iron furniture and silver ornaments to maintain your modern twist on a coastal theme. Many people worry however, that a contemporary look can give off a ‘cold' vibe so to avoid this opt for warm accent tones for your other accessories - a statement coffee table, bright picture or bold cushions will give you the level of warmth you need.

Creating a contemporary feel for your living room is easier than you think - and certainly doesn't need to cost the earth. Mix things up with elements of traditional decor and keep your accent colours warm. Et voila!