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How to Create a Statement Bathroom in 10 Easy Steps

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in which to create a luxurious and decadent feel, especially if you're on a budget.

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in which to create a luxurious and decadent feel, especially if you're on a budget. By following these ten steps, you can get inspiration to create a bathroom that will wow and surprise guests, and you'll be excited to use every morning.

1.    Start with the bath. By choosing a freestanding traditional bath you can create a feature piece that will become the star of the room. Go for a bath with huge chrome claw feet, or matte white if you're going for the minimal bathroom look.

2.    Pay attention to tiling. Over-tiling can ruin a great bathroom and can end up costing a fortune. By carefully choosing the right tiles and sticking to one statement wall, you can get more for your money and draw the eye to a certain part of the room.

3.    Stylish heating doesn't have to cost the world. Traditional heated towel rails are really big at the minute, and won't ever look dated because they're such a classic design. We're also big fans of colosseum radiators, the bigger the better.

4.    Pick a style and stick with it. With so much choice in bathrooms at the minute, there's no need to compromise a really good basin with boring run-of-the-mill taps. You should match your basin mixer with chic styles already present to finish the look.

5.    Shower curtains don't have to be basic. There are extra-long shower curtains available that look great hung high from the ceiling on a curved shower rail.

6.    Wet room showers can be done in any bathroom. With sloped trays are ready to tile over and are easier to install than you think.

7.    Waterfall taps can quickly and easily give you a designer finish. Even if you're not re-doing the entire room, you can update most bathroom suites with a new set of taps!

8.    Think about your plumbing before you buy. Getting advice from a certified plumber or bathroom fitting professional will mean there'll be no surprises when it comes to installation.

9.    Wall-hung vanity units or basins will give you more floor space and look great in any bathroom.

10.    Finally think carefully about lighting, if you can introduce spotlights and dimmers in your bathroom you can change lighting configurations at the flick of a switch to change the mood from ‘early-morning shower' to ‘relaxing bath in the evening'.

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