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How to Get More from Your Home

Our homes are one of our biggest assets and we all want a home that we are proud of and enjoy spending time in.

Our homes are one of our biggest assets and we all want a home that we are proud of and enjoy spending time in. With some clever interior design and tasteful décor, we can significantly improve the look and comfort of our home.

Take a look at the following interior design ideas on how to get more from your home:

1. Fitted kitchens

Having a fitted kitchen that is stylish, in-keeping with the rest of your home and brimming with convenient appliances will not only add value to property, but will also create a more convenient and welcoming environment. If you are deciding whether or not to replace your existing kitchen with a fitted one and you're unsure which company to use, you may want to look at Betta Living.

Since 1966, Betta Living has been creating the finest fitted kitchens that implement the most innovative styles and appliances in your home, meaning homeowners can get considerably more out of their properties.

2. Make better use of space

Whether the kids are playing in the playroom, mum's planting some vegetables in the garden or dad's reading the newspaper, having enough space in a house improves the quality of time we spend there.

Whether you have the tiniest terrace cottage or own a six-bedroom detached house, all homeowners can get more out of their home by making better use of space.
Augmenting the amount of space in a house can be achieved in various ways, including exchanging freestanding furniture and fittings with fitted alternatives.

If, for example, you have a rather cramped bathroom and want to generate a tad more space, you may want to consider having a Betta Living fitted bathroom installed. Betta Living's fitted bathrooms are designed to create a greater sense of space, resulting in your bathroom being a more pleasurable place to be.

3. Easy living

As we get older, simple things such as getting in and out of the bath are not as easy to accomplish. In order to make life more comfortable, having enhanced accessibility furniture and features installed would certainly be beneficial.   

This is where Betta Living's Easy Living range may prove invaluable, as the stylish selection of furniture, suites and accessories have been specifically designed to enhance accessibility, without compromising the overall look and style of a room.

4. Bespoke styles

Bespoke furniture and fittings that have been tailor-made to cater for your own personal tastes and requirements can make your home substantially more welcoming. When considering these options, think about how they can work with existing style features, thus keeping a level of consistency throughout your home.

One benefit of this option is that everything can be fully customised. This means you'll get the style you want in the space you have at your disposal. From increasing storage to enhancing accessibility, bespoke options are always worth considering.